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Anti-Blast Window Film

Advanced Window Films have over 15 years of experience in conducting professionally indemnified glazing risk assessments and installing Anti Blast Window Film in Commercial, Government and Retail Properties.

Anti Blast Window Film can save lives and protect property from flying glass in the event of an industrial explosion or a terrorist attack.

Our fully qualified professional surveyors have the expertise to identify the bespoke needs for each individual project to achieve the optimum mitigation against terrorist or industrial explosions.


Deciding the level of protection you need

Selecting the correct Anti Blast Window Film specification for your specific threat is vitally important. Different types and levels of threat will require different solutions. In the case of explosions, it is not possible to eliminate the risk, but we can help mitigate it. It is however possible to eliminate the potential risk from overhead glass.

The characteristics of a chemical explosion differ from those of a bomb blast. For example, blast duration from a petro chemical explosion is of a longer duration than a small bomb close to a window. Bomb blast peak is instantaneous whereas vapour cloud is of a much longer duration and lower peak pressure, depending on the amount of fuel. Certainly, the most important factor will be the load of the explosion. Distances and charges should then be taken into account.


Wetglaze Application

The next level of protection would be a wetglaze application of Anti Blast window Film to the inside of the glass bonded onto the window frame with a high-performance Dow Corning 995 Silicone.

Again, the thickness of the Anti Blast Window Film can be between 100 microns and 350 microns depending on the area and thickness of the glass and the protection required.


Daylight Application

A conventional daylight application of Anti Blast Window Film to the inside of the glass will often provide a sufficient level of protection. This can be enhanced by the application of silicone to bond all the glass edges to the window frame if necessary.

The thickness of Anti Blast Window Film can be between 100 microns and 350 microns depending on the area and thickness of the glass and the protection required.


Mechanical Anchorage Systems

For even greater threats, there is a range of mechanical anchorage systems available. There are catching systems, restraint systems and clamping systems, all used in conjunction with the appropriate thickness of Anti blast Window Film. These systems can also be used to protect against the potential risk from overhead glass.

For more detailed information on mechanical anchorage systems go to our Mechanical Anchorage Systems page now.

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We will help you identify the risks in your specific case.

We then agree on the level of anti-blast protection you wish to achieve. We will recommend the most effective solutions using only products tested and approved to the relevant BS, European and International Standards.

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