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Anti-Fog Window Film

Anti Fog Window Film provides the most advanced fog-free system available. It eliminates the steaming up of windows in all temperatures and humidity conditions.

Maintains Maximum Visibility

The unique coating on Guardian Anti Fog Window Film does not reduce the optical clarity through the glass and maintains maximum visibility.


Multiple Uses

Anti Fog Window Film is used in refrigerated and heated display cases in superstores, shops, restaurants, cafes, greenhouses, shower cubicles, saunas, mirrors, automotive glass, visors, goggles etc.
Anti Fog Window Film is extremely hydrophilic and causes water droplets to spread rather than form beads which appear as fog (mist). The film will not discolour from exposure to sun or heat.


Scratch Resistant

Anti Fog Window Film is a 100 micron thick clear polyester film. It is coated with a scratch resistant, permanent anti fog layer.
Anti Fog Window Film will last for up to ten years, sometimes longer, depending on the particular location and use. The window film surface should be cleaned regularly, using household glass cleaner or soapy water, a sponge, tissue or paper towel. Cleaners containing abrasives or acids should not be used to clean Anti Fog Window Film.


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