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Anti-Vandal Window Film

At Advanced Window Films we have a range of Anti Vandal Window Film to protect you and your property against intruders. It can be easily fitted to most existing glazing in homes and business premises with minimal disruption.

When Anti Vandal Window Film is applied to the glass in your doors and windows, it will provide protection for occupants, customers, employees against vandalism.

The Anti-Vandal Window Film will not always prevent vandals from breaking the glass in your windows and doors. But, if the glass is shattered, the film will hold it together. This will usually prevent vandals from gaining access if this was their objective. It will virtually guarantee against injury from shattered glass to anyone inside the premises.


Ant-Vandal Window Film Range

Our range of Anti Vandal Window Film is available in a wide range of thicknesses. Starting at 100 microns thick and extending to 350 microns thick, there will be a window film to achieve the level of security for every situation.


Tested and Approved Quality Anti Vandal Window Film

All Anti Vandal Window Film is tested and approved to the relevant BS, European and International standards.


Manufacturer Backed Warranty

All our Anti Vandal Window Film comes with a manufacturer backed warranty, usually for 10 years – sometimes more.


Accredited Dealer / Installer

Advanced Window Films are an accredited dealer/installer for all the major window film manufacturers.


Reinforced Safety & Security

Solar Control Window Films are also available in thicker variations of up to 350 microns thick to ensure protection against personal impacts, bomb blasts, industrial explosions, vandalism, and theft alongside its anti-heat and anti-glare attributes.

Anti-Vandal Window Film with Added Benefits

OurAnti Vandal Window Film is available in optically clear versions or combined heat reduction, anti-glare and energy control versions. There are highly reflective variations of Commercial Anti Vandal Window Film which deliver the added benefit of visual security where this is required.

For a relatively small on-cost, you can receive all of these additional benefits and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.
All our Anti Vandal Window Film stops almost 99% of harmful ultra violet light, protecting you and slowing down fading in your carpets and furnishings.

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Our window film installations are quick, tidy, and non-disruptive and most of our products carry a manufacturer-backed 10-year warranty.

Technical Expertise

Advanced Window Films have extensive experience in specifying the correct Anti Vandal Window Film for every situation. Our portfolio extends from prominent Government buildings, corporate headquarters and retail outlets right through to the typical domestic home. Each project will have its own specific security requirement and Advanced Window Films have the expertise to identify the precise Anti Vandal Window Film to deliver the required protection on every occasion.

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As accredited dealer/installers for most of the major window film manufacturers in the world, we have access to the widest range of quality tested and approved products, because of this we are best placed to independent advice and find the very best solution to your particular needs.


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