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Glare Control Window Film

Advanced Window Films offers an extensive range of Glare Control Window Films to reduce the glare from the sun passing through your windows.

Anti-glare window film helps eliminate unwanted sunlight and glare while allowing natural light to pass through your windows.

From long sunny days in the summertime to short intense and bright clear winter days the Sun and its harmful UV rays direct sunlight can cause issues all your round.

Glare Control window film is the best solution to control Sun glare and proves to be much more cost-effective compared to sun shades, blinds, or window screens.

You also get to keep your views.


Protection from UV

Glare Control window coverings will block harmful UV rays to protect you from the Sun, but they also block harmful rays from fading your carpets, upholstery, and furniture.

Quick and Easy Application

Think of Sun control window film as the protective lenses in your sunglasses. It works in much the same way and has a wide range of benefits, plus it’s quick and easy to install.

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Our window film installations are quick, tidy, and non-disruptive and most of our products carry a manufacturer-backed 10-year warranty.

Options To Suit Every Application

At Advanced Window Films, we have an extensive range of Glare Control Window Films.

With a wide choice of tints and strengths, you can be sure to find the right film to solve your glare problem – and look good too.

Glare Control Window Film helps make it more comfortable to look at virtually any electronic device – even in the most sun-flooded room, at high noon. Whether you’re interested in longer TV-watching marathons, hosting neighborhood video game tournaments, or just a less painful time paying bills online, we can help you create the right environment. Like the lenses in your favorite sunglasses, it’s easy to put on and reduces glare to help you see better, no matter what you’re viewing.

Complement your home and maintain a clear view with glare control in sophisticated smoke.

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